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Multiple/Rheem/RuudACCUM17Accumulator for AC or Heat Pump201.00

Rheem/Ruud Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Suction Line Accumulator. Upgraded Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Accumulator to be used in units up to 4 Tons. Replaces Accumulator Part Numbers: 5202-40 83-22458-85 5202-56 83-22459-05 5202-5514 83-20605-03 5202-5508 83-20605-07 5202-34 83-18842-03 83-18842-01 83-22272-03 83-22458-05 83-20605-12 83-21814-01 520240 832245885 520256 832245905 52025514 832060503 52025508 832060507 520234 831884203 831884201 832227203 832245805 832060512 832181401 51064-1 510641 3224-3881 32243881 026-24020-000 02624020000 83-20605-03 832060503 83-22272-93 CAR832227293. Used in Rheem/Ruud Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Models: RPML030JAZ UPML030JAZ WPML030JAZ RPML-030JAZ UPML-030JAZ WPML-030JAZ UPFA-036JAS UPFA036JAS RPFA-036JAS RPFA036JAS RPCA-042JAS RPCA042JAS UPCA-042JAS UPCA042JAS RPFG-030JAZ RPFG-036CAZ RPFG-036JAZ RPFG-042CAZ RPFG-042JAZ RPKA-036CAZ RPKA-036DAZ RPKA-037CAZ RPKA-037DAZ RPKA-042CAS RPKA-042CAZ RPKA-042DAS RPKA-042DAZ RPKA-042JAS RPKA-042JAZ RPKA-042NAS RPKA-042TAS RPKA-043CAZ RPKA-043DAZ RPKA-043JAZ RPKB-042CAZ RPKB-042DAZ RPKB-042JAZ RPLB-036JAZ RPLB-042JAZ RPMB-030JAZ RPMB-036CAZ RPMB-036JAZ RPMC-030JAZ RPMC-036CAZ RPMC-036JAZ RPMC-042CAZ RPMC-042JAZ RPMD-030JAZ RPMD-036CAZ RPMD-036JAZ RPMD-042CAZ RPMD-042JAZ RPMF-036JAZ RPMF-042JAZ RPML-030JAZ RPML-036JAZ RPMM-030JAZ RPMM-036JAZ RPNK-030JAZ RPNK-036JAZ RPPB-030JAZ RPPB-036JAZ UPFG-030JAZ UPFG-036CAZ UPFG-036JAZ UPFG-042CAZ UPFG-042JAZ UPKA-036CAZ UPKA-036DAZ UPKA-037CAZ UPKA-037DAZ UPKA-042CAS UPKA-042CAZ UPKA-042DAS UPKA-042DAZ UPKA-042JAS UPKA-042JAZ UPKA-042NAS UPKA-042TAS UPKA-043CAZ UPKA-043DAZ UPKA-043JAZ UPKB-042CAZ UPKB-042DAZ UPKB-042JAZ UPLB-036JAZ UPLB-042JAZ UPMB-030JAZ UPMB-036CAZ UPMB-036JAZ UPMC-030JAZ UPMC-036CAZ UPMC-036JAZ UPMC-042CAZ UPMC-042JAZ UPMD-030JAZ UPMD-036CAZ UPMD-036JAZ UPMD-042CAZ UPMD-042JAZ UPMF-036JAZ UPMF-042JAZ UPML-030JAZ UPML-036JAZ UPMM-030JAZ UPMM-036JAZ UPNK-030JAZ UPNK-036JAZ UPPB-030JAZ UPPB-036JAZ RPFG030JAZ RPFG036CAZ RPFG036JAZ RPFG042CAZ RPFG042JAZ RPKA036CAZ RPKA036DAZ RPKA037CAZ RPKA037DAZ RPKA042CAS RPKA042CAZ RPKA042DAS RPKA042DAZ RPKA042JAS RPKA042JAZ RPKA042NAS RPKA042TAS RPKA043CAZ RPKA043DAZ RPKA043JAZ RPKB042CAZ RPKB042DAZ RPKB042JAZ RPLB036JAZ RPLB042JAZ RPMB030JAZ RPMB036CAZ RPMB036JAZ RPMC030JAZ RPMC036CAZ RPMC036JAZ RPMC042CAZ RPMC042JAZ RPMD030JAZ RPMD036CAZ RPMD036JAZ RPMD042CAZ RPMD042JAZ RPMF036JAZ RPMF042JAZ RPML030JAZ RPML036JAZ RPMM030JAZ RPMM036JAZ RPNK030JAZ RPNK036JAZ RPPB030JAZ RPPB036JAZ UPFG030JAZ UPFG036CAZ UPFG036JAZ UPFG042CAZ UPFG042JAZ UPKA036CAZ UPKA036DAZ UPKA037CAZ UPKA037DAZ UPKA042CAS UPKA042CAZ UPKA042DAS UPKA042DAZ UPKA042JAS UPKA042JAZ UPKA042NAS UPKA042TAS UPKA043CAZ UPKA043DAZ UPKA043JAZ UPKB042CAZ UPKB042DAZ UPKB042JAZ UPLB036JAZ UPLB042JAZ UPMB030JAZ UPMB036CAZ UPMB036JAZ UPMC030JAZ UPMC036CAZ UPMC036JAZ UPMC042CAZ UPMC042JAZ UPMD030JAZ UPMD036CAZ UPMD036JAZ UPMD042CAZ UPMD042JAZ UPMF036JAZ UPMF042JAZ UPML030JAZ UPML036JAZ UPMM030JAZ UPMM036JAZ UPNK030JAZ UPNK036JAZ UPPB030JAZ UPPB036JAZ AS-05605-01 AS-05606-01 AS-05982-01 AS-05983-01 AS-05994-01 AS-06288-01 AS-06289-01 AS-06305-01 AS-06306-01 AS-06307-01 AS-06391-01 AS-06394-01 AS-06395-01 AS-06398-01 AS-06399-01 AS-06665-01 AS-06666-01 AS-06886-01 AS-06887-01 AS-58461-13 AS-58461-15 AS0560501 AS0560601 AS0598201 AS0598301 AS0599401 AS0628801 AS0628901 AS0630501 AS0630601 AS0630701 AS0639101 AS0639401 AS0639501 AS0639801 AS0639901 AS0666501 AS0666601 AS0688601 AS0688701 AS5846113 AS5846115